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How to become an Online Freelancer

Starting an online freelance business is easy, doesn’t require any money to get started, and you can immediately begin to market your skills to clients who need projects completed right away. There are opportunities for writers, designers, bloggers, office assistants, accountants, photographers and customer service representatives. These are just a few of literally thousands of different kinds of opportunities that you can make money from, and all you need is an Internet connection and a good portfolio to get started. Plenty of websites are online that match clients with freelancers, and most charge a commission based on what the client pays for a particular project.

Signing up is easy, and you can start to build your profile, place examples of your work and start marketing yourself to clients right away. You can search through various categories and offerings and find jobs that are right up your alley in terms of your skills, experience and interests. Some projects are offered for a flat-rate, while others are up for bid and prices are negotiable. Some sites pay more than others, and it will be a good idea to register and get established on more than one platform so you can have better access to jobs as your experience and reputation grows.

While it is very easy to get started, finding clients may be a little bit challenging at first. It usually takes working on a few low-paying jobs to start building a ranking and reputation, and many clients will not be willing to throw big projects to users who are just starting out. However, once you pay your dues and work your way up the food chain, the possibilities are endless. The beauty of being a freelancer is that you can set your own schedule and decide how much work you want to perform each week. If you are looking for some extra cash or a full time job, online freelancing can provide you with the flexibility and freedom that you want.

You can also connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to some of the freelance websites also. This gives you the chance to expand your network, develop a stronger online presence and potentially run into bigger and better clients over the course of time. After a while, you may be able to by-pass the freelance sites altogether and stop paying commission for their match-making services as well. No matter how you decide to get started with freelancing, it is definitely worth checking out simply because of the opportunities that are potentially available.

If you have some extra time, want some extra cash, and are looking for the chance to develop your own online business without spending time and money investing in other options, then freelancing may be a good option. Take a look and see if this is a good match for your skills and interests. You can start making some extra cash right away as you explore further online business opportunities.

Register as a freelancer on Skillsmix, Nigeria’s leading platform for online freelancers. Find work and get paid in Naira, register now: Freelancer Registration

This post was culled from income.com


Hire freelancers to boost your business

As your small business expands, you’ll probably find yourself in need of a larger team to tackle your growing to-do list. Since hiring a full-time employee may not be in the budget for your small business, outsourcing your projects to freelancers is a more affordable way to get the talent you need. Hiring a freelancer however isn’t always an easy task, and many small businesses in Nigeria often find themselves unsure of where to start.

Skillsmix is a dedicated online platform setup to enable businesses outsource their projects conveniently. Skillsmix brings together small businesses looking to outsource their projects and professional freelancers who are able to carry out projects. As a small business using the skillsmix platform, you gain access to a wide pool of freelancers, at a fraction of the cost, the entire process is managed by skillsmix and you only pay freelancers once you are satisfied with their work.


Small businesses are able to outsource a wide variety of projects including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Data Entry
  • Article Writing
  • Web Programming
  • Software Development and many others

Skillsmix is safe, easy to use and registration is completely free. What are you waiting for? Register now on the skillsmix platform and start outsourcing your projects



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Payment for funding of milestone can be done by GTPay or Bank Transfer.
Choosing the GTPay option takes you to the GTBank online portal. This is to ensure that the Skillsmix website does not retain any clients card details.


You will have to enter the details required. Always make sure that your online banking details are kept secret.

Another option is the Bank transfer. On selecting this option, the following instructions will appear.

Just follow the instructions provided.

We always encourage our clients to use the GTPay option as it has much advantage over the bank transfer.

  • With GTPay, funding a milestone is easier and faster
  • It can be done from anywhere and at any time of the day.
  • Bank holidays does not affect crediting milestones.
  • You are instantly aware once the milestone has been credited.
  • It saves time on trips to the bank for projects that have many milestones.






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After choosing a winning bid, the project is taken off the public page and all messages from the client and the worker becomes private. Here both worker and client can exchange intimate details about the project and also documents for the project.

We always advise the client to create milestones for the worker. This is to guarantee that the client commits to the project and the worker gets paid in bits until the project is completed.

After choosing a winning bid, this page comes up.

Capture 3

Clicking on Agree and Begin Project binds the client to our terms and conditions. At this stage we advise the client to read through the terms and conditions for using the site.

Capture 4

Supply the details and clicking the Add Milestone icon will take you to this page

Capture 5


Depending on the project, milestones are created by the client after an agreement must have been reached between the worker and client. Below is an example.


The importance of creating milestones before project execution commences cannot be over emphasized.

For the clients

  • Milestones reduce the risk of non-delivery by the worker.
  •  It also motivates the worker to give their best every step of the way because they will not be paid if the client is not satisfied with the work done.

For the worker

  • Milestones act like safety nets ensuring the commitment of the client in terms of payment
  • It also ensures that the worker does not get ripped off by the client because the client will pay for every stage of the project according to the milestones created.   




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For workers on the Skillsmix website, let’s take a look on how to place bids that could win you that project.

Selecting a project of your choice is not enough, you need to also read the message that the project owner has included. This will guide you on what the project owner is hoping to achieve. For example:

Captue bid

In the case above the project owner wants to redesign an already existing website and needs new ideas on how the new website will be better than the previous one.

A bid for this project should look something like this

Capture bid 2

Any project owner reading the above will be interested in engaging you in a discussion after your bid. You can also attach websites addresses you have constructed to show the project owner a visual even going as far as creating a dummy site for the project.



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Since the site went live some months back, we have close to 60 registered workers as well as 5 projects open to hiring having executed two projects.

Skillsmix Showcase Event is organized by the company in charge of Skillsmix (Thought Studios Limited). We intend to create an interactive event where workers, clients and friends of Skillsmix/Thought Studios Limited can get a chance to see a live demo of our platform; we would be answering any questions you might have about Skillsmix platform.

We will also be open to the exchange of ideas and comments from the attendees about the outsourcing website Skillsmix. There will be a question and answer section with a brief address by CEO of Thought Studios Limited in a relaxed atmosphere. Talks of how to improve the quality of online outsourcing will also be held.

This event is free. Get more information and also sit reservation here

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this event.


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So now you have invited workers to bid. The next step is to view the bids and pick a winning bid. Before you choose a winning bid, it is important to communicate with the workers who have placed bids on your projects. Our secure messaging platform allows you converse privately with the workers.

Tips on picking a winning bid

1.      Search for experienced workers with a good portfolio

2.      Awarding projects because of the amount involved does not grantee the worker is the best for the job. Do not award projects based on price

3.      Ask questions pertaining the project as it allows you screen those who are knowledgeable about your project

4.      Take time to go through their skills and any other information pertaining their competence

5.      Request for a list of jobs they have done previously

View your open projects by clicking on it.


You will be taken to the page where all the bids placed on your project has been summarized for easy reading


From this page you can select your winning bid



You will then receive this message asking you to create a milestone for the project


Once you accept, you will be able to create a milestone.

We will take a look at how that is done in my next post.



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Now that you have successfully posted your project on Skillsmix; there are two things that could happen. Workers that are interested in your project could either bid for your projects or you can invite workers to bid for your project.

It is possible that you are interested in having some particular worker to bid for your project after viewing their profile. The first step is to view your newly posted project


Click on Browse workers or search for a particular worker

Capture 2

Once you find a worker whose profile you like click on worker and invite to bid on your project


A message is sent to the worker’s email address. You are notified via email on any response from the worker.



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Skillsmix is an online outsourcing portal for project execution. There are benefits to outsourcing the whole or part of your project and the aim of this post is to highlight some these benefits to a client or an organization.

Online outsourcing brings many opportunities both for the service contractor and the service provider. “Due to varying international wage rates, costs of up to 70 percent can be achieved by outsourcing online services from countries with high wage levels to countries with low wage levels. In particular, for small and medium sized businesses and Entrepreneurs the Online Outsourcing model brings many financial advantages, as it is these people who have to rely on a tight budget. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia March 2012)

Some of the benefits are as discussed below:

Lower operational costs

There are certain tasks in every organization that can be done on a one-off basis by an external supplier or freelancer instead of incurring some costs associated with paying a full-time employee. These costs include employees’ salaries, travel allowances, rent allowances, training and leave bonuses among others.

Specialized skills

Occasion does arise where your organization is in need of specialized skills which is not readily available within the company; then it makes sense to source a freelancer with the right skill from an outsourcing portal or any other means possible. It will take some time and funds to train your staff and It might not be a skill you would need regularly as part of your daily business.

Ability to meet deadlines

Relying on your staff for all the services required in your business can end up wasting a lot of time and this can have a very negative impact on time-to -market. By calling on external parties through outsourcing, you can hire experts when you need extra or specialized services and will be a great time saving measure. As a result, your organization is able to meet its deadline as freelancers are bound by the terms and conditions on which they are engaged.

Other benefits of using online outsourcing include:

Accessing new markets as the professional engaged will bring new and fresh ideas.

Staying abreast with new developments e.g. in technology; hiring someone who is a guru in a particular field will also allow you access the latest innovations and ideas in that field.

Better risk management, for example, by avoiding substandard services; as those who will be hired will have to display a wealth of knowledge of the project and as such show capability to carry out the project effectively. Also reduce risk of project failure as an online outsourcing portal such as Skillsmix will not release funds to the worker until the client is satisfied with the job done.