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After choosing a winning bid, the project is taken off the public page and all messages from the client and the worker becomes private. Here both worker and client can exchange intimate details about the project and also documents for the project.

We always advise the client to create milestones for the worker. This is to guarantee that the client commits to the project and the worker gets paid in bits until the project is completed.

After choosing a winning bid, this page comes up.

Capture 3

Clicking on Agree and Begin Project binds the client to our terms and conditions. At this stage we advise the client to read through the terms and conditions for using the site.

Capture 4

Supply the details and clicking the Add Milestone icon will take you to this page

Capture 5


Depending on the project, milestones are created by the client after an agreement must have been reached between the worker and client. Below is an example.


The importance of creating milestones before project execution commences cannot be over emphasized.

For the clients

  • Milestones reduce the risk of non-delivery by the worker.
  •  It also motivates the worker to give their best every step of the way because they will not be paid if the client is not satisfied with the work done.

For the worker

  • Milestones act like safety nets ensuring the commitment of the client in terms of payment
  • It also ensures that the worker does not get ripped off by the client because the client will pay for every stage of the project according to the milestones created.   



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